What is Wine Matching by Yahyn?

A message from Founder, Pierre Rogers


Let sensory science guide you

Yahyn has partnered with Tastry to help you discover the wines you will love.

Tastry’s recommendations, based on sensory science, narrow down our inventory of great wines to those you are most likely to enjoy.

Our Process


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Wineries across the United States send bottles to the Tastry lab where thousands of chemical properties are analyzed.

Katerina Axelsson, Founder, Tastry

Katerina Axelsson, Founder, Tastry


  • Wine 1
  • Wine 2
  • Wine 3
  • Wine 4
  • Wine 5

Data from each product are analyzed to learn how it compares to other wines and customer palate preferences.

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Take a simple survey about your food preferences to receive personalized wine recommendations that are unique to your individual palate. Our rating of each wine for you will appear throughout the site.

How to read the Y-Score Indicator

Your Y-Score

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Probability that you will love the wine you’ve selected.

Yahyn places your experience with wines above any third-party ratings.

Other websites make recommendations based on other people's idea of what tastes good, via subjective reviews or third-party ratings. We'll custom tailor your wine list to match your own unique flavor preferences, guiding you to discover your new favorite wines.

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Together, we will unite minds and spirits around wine, one of the great joys of life.