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SBG Select Twelve Bottle Red and White Wine Selection
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Winemaker Notes

Discover our twelve bottle red and white wine hand-picked selection.
These wines typically sell for $221.50 and can be yours today for only $109.00, and includes free shipping! Stock your shelves and act now.

This hand selected assortment includes the 2020 Flore Verde Sauvignon Blanc, the 2019 Alacrite Vin Blanc, the 2019 Percorso Trebbiano, the 2019 Fenna Viognier, the 2019 Lindiwe Chardonnay, the 2019 Sol Bajo White Wine, the 2020 Baksteen Shiraz, the 2019 De Olmo Garnacha, the 2019 Bertrand Bordeaux, the 2019 Motacilla Alba Jumilla, the 2019 Cedez Cabernet Sauvignon, and 2019 Cantine Albizi Rosso.

An enticing variety to keep your taste buds dancing as you are transported across the world from the far reaches of South America to South Africa, and the best of Europe!
How much better can it get?

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