Client Data & Privacy

Yahyn security and client privacy protocols are best in class. It starts with how we are built. Yahyn is built line by line on the most secure coding language with our US based development team. That means we have the most up to date security protections in place. Compliance and client data protections are our top priority and we are purpose built to protect sensitive client data.

Selection & Price

Yahyn has created a marketplace in the wine sector that completely disrupts the established "three-tiered" system. We do this by allowing vineyards and producers to list their wines across the platform allowing them to sell DTC (Direct to Consumer). This means you can find a far broader inventory that is on average 20% cheaper per bottle! We are brand agnostic and allow Merchants to compete for your business, which means you find the wine you are looking for less. We can help you stretch your budgets and we work with you to negotiate the best deals from the vineyards.

Too many choices?

We have in house Sommeliers to help you find the perfect wine while working within your budget.



Our job is to make yours easier. That means no inputing 1000’s of individual orders. No dealing with endless phone trees and hold times. You are assigned a single point of contact and that person helps you find the wine you are looking for and process’s all of your orders. It really is that simple. We help you find the best wine for your corporate budget, you submit where you need the orders to go and we take care of the rest!

Thank you cards and/or holiday greeting cards can be included and are available upon request.