At the core of our philosophy exists a deep affection that we all share for our magnificent juice. It is our inspiration, our motivation, our work, our play.


Skipstone is tucked between two stunning hillsides in the mountains above Alexander Valley. We aspire to perfection in every aspect of our wine growing and estate farming, drawing inspiration from the unparalleled potential and promise of the earth. Uncompromising in our standards of sustainability and treatment of the land, we are committed to nurturing the precious resource that is our 200-acre estate. Blessed by nature, we listen intently to the terroir of our vineyards, and in turn, our wines speak eloquently of their origin

Wine Tastings

Skipstone Cult California Estate Collection

Cult California Estate Collection

2018 Skipstone Viognier, 2018 Skipstone Preface Proprietary Red, 2016 Skipstone Oliver's Blend

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